Hanging Storage bag Large Multi-layer Hanging Type

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1. Double-sided hanging bag, convenient to put it anywhere, with a hanger, you can put all small parts such as underwear, glasses, jewelry, charger, etc.

2. Upgrade to large pockets: There is a large and deep bra pocket organizer, and the pocket size has been improved, which can accommodate any bra size and keep your bra shape.

3. Durable and washable material: This bra hanger is made of durable non-woven fabric with mesh pockets for durability. The mesh pockets are breathable and tasteless, allowing this double-sided bra to last longer. Hand wash or machine wash.

4. Stainless steel metal hanger: This is a stainless steel hanging bra organizer metal hanger, which can bear weight and can easily change 2 sides to get what you need. Easy to hang, very space saving, keep your home tidy.

5. Multifunctional storage rack: not only can be hung in the closet, the closet can help you store bras, underwear, socks, but also can be hung in the corners of the bedroom, bathroom, dormitory, kitchen, etc. Hang it anywhere and use it as a multi-function storage device, which can store umbrellas, scarves, etc.

Product Information:

Model: Hanging bag

Material: non-woven fabric

Style: simple and modern

Color: beige, gray, pink

Specifications: 12and18, 12and24, 5and10, 6and18, 1and2

Packing List:

Hanging bag*1


Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 80 cm

Beige, Grey, Pink


12and18, 12and24, 5and10, 6and18, 1and2


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