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Bone Conduction Speaker Hummingbird bluetooth

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1. Humbird Speaker is the world’s smallest and most versatile bone conduction speaker that allows you to have a different but always spectacular experience of sound anywhere, in any context. Transforms anything hollow Into a speaker, at any time.

2. We highly recommend you to use two Humbird Speakers interconnected, you can have a Surround Sound 2.0 experience since this innovative Bluetooth-enabled device is also TWS-enabled.

3. Humbird uses bone conduction technology to offer you a DIY customizable experience of sound. You can test and enjoy different sounds—almost as if different instruments are used. Place It on top of different surfaces such as a guitar, a kraft box, a plastic storage box, photo frames, a sports helmet, or even dashboards that can provide you varying sound effects.

4. It works like a Humbird, small but powerful. It delivers a high sound volume, being 4 to 5 times louder than the average cell phone speakers’ volume, reaching up to 115db, and it allows you to personalize the tone quality.


Type: Bluetooth speaker

Connection method: Bluetooth connection

Interface type: USB

Battery capacity: 400 mA

Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz

Output power: 3W audio output

Signal to noise ratio: ≥70db

Power supply mode: Built-in lithium battery

Bluetooth protocol: 5.0

Appearance size: 40mm

Packing list: Speaker*1 Data cable*1 Manual*1

Transforms anything hollow into a speaker, at any time

Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 180 × 140 × 120 cm

Black, Red, Silver

37 reviews for Bone Conduction Speaker Hummingbird bluetooth

  1. A***y

    The Bell's here. Well, such a pleasure, maybe someone will come in handy)

  2. S***s

    A little wheezing at the maximum. The sound, depending on the surface, is not bad. Size-smaller than thought. A cool device that you can take with you. Comes with a spare suction cup and suction cup, which is vacuum (velcro). Lanyard to hang on hand and USBC cord

  3. H***z

    awesome speaker, loudest when on a suitable surface.
    quality is incredible if the volume is under 70%. after that the sound does distort a tiny bit. much louder than my phone and it works great

  4. C***s

    good speaker, I should have gotten a double pack. 1 is good 2 would be even better.. arrived a little late, I think it had to be sent back and another one sent out. I'm not sure.

  5. I***v

    Packing is great. The product itself is very small and light. I don't know how AKB will keep it, but there's little hope.
    Sounds for such sizes of norms.

  6. A***v

    Guys, this is a masterpiece!
    Definitely, the geeks will be satisfied)
    All good and positive!
    no remark

  7. D***c

    Exact description, shipping to Chile fast, package packaging according to product, functionality as described, no need to communicate with seller, good standard constructive material, performance to be evaluated, small size.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  8. 2***r

    Small, looks rich, but neither
    As re expected that the cardboard box can play music so loudly qualitatively for eight hours, I'm delighted with my wife's children, too, took it into my pocket for work, attached to the wall and all day with music, I recommend

  9. E***a

    Nice thing. I ordered the second one. Very happy. Sound

  10. B***b

    I admit that it's a little the gadget side that attracted me but if we put it on a good resonance box, the sound is not too bad, especially given the size of the speaker! I do not regret my purchase
    no remark

  11. 4***r

    Good sound. The charge lasts about 5 hours.

  12. M***a

    Significantly smaller than it looks in the photos.
    The speaker is too light and starts buzzing if it gets louder.
    The volume is too weak.

    The packaging! The packaging is very cool and that's it.

  13. A***k

    Very bad work with Android phones, and hang phones when connected to the column. After turning on the speaker and on the phone music or yutuba, video or music is on pause, you always need to press the play button on the column, otherwise it will not play play
    But then when you put on the phone on a pause or finish the video, then at the beginning of the next video Nothing happens until on the column press the play button!
    And so always! It does not work like other any speakers, included, enjoy and forgot about it.
    With iOS everything works well
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  14. I***r

    The column is very small, it does not play very loudly. Like toys with music.
    no remark

  15. C***r

    Very good product. Protable and convenience.

  16. C***r

    Smallest protable speaker. Very good and helpful.

  17. C***r

    Good bone conduction speaker.

  18. D***c

    Exact description fast shipping to Chile packaged according to the product was not necessary to communicate with the seller industrial metal and plastic frequency curve performance over the generic spectrum 3 watts Well-used without distortion creates atmosphere in small rooms functionality meets the dual stereo pareo lens and iOS Android pairing long life of aesthetic reproduction finished well-achieved original packaging with logo Mark.

  19. M***k

    Good portable vibration speaker. Works well, sound quality is good enough for its size. Arrived quickly, in a good packaging.

  20. J***o

    Prishol very quickly in 10 days, the quality is excellent! Thank you.

  21. A***v

    The speakers are small, light, due to the low weight, the sound is not very loud.
    Really stereo, synchronization is good, but there are problems when connecting, not always the first time after connecting music plays, sometimes you have to reconnect several times

  22. R***s

    Okay. The parcel came within the specified time, well packed. I recommend the seller.

  23. A***r

    -One good

  24. R***n

    It's okay.
    The thing as a whole is an incomprehensible purpose.
    I got a 15-minute walk and everything.

  25. H***z

    Good product

  26. V***h

    Immediately after the autopsy was surprised by the size!! Very small.
    Perhaps later I will buy a second column to work in stereo and change my opinion. Deceived himself with the characteristic: "Up to 25W". It turned out to be really only 3W. In mono mode (one column) is inferior to my old one at times. I have Cowin nanobeat 10 watt. I expected to replace it with more powerful ones. Not happy yet.

    In the rest everything is super. Claims to the seller there is no service and delivery. But the description is misleading.

  27. C***a

    Small but very nice!
    no remark

  28. G***n

    Super Sound

  29. A***r

    Great item and fast delivery, I recommend the seller.

  30. A***o

    The device is very cute – I really liked the design but had no chance to listen how it works. The shipping was great though.

  31. M***i

    Unfortunately the object is advertised as transducer bone and a transducer bone makes no noise unless being placed on the to contact with any surface as Wood metal glass or a real bone. This has a huge power but is more a speaker and also just lit makes a noise wretched thing it shouldn't. Would be better venisse advertised as bluetooth speaker or there was a video so before making a purchase you capirebbe that is not what makes up your if you want a real transducer bone.

  32. J***z

    The only problem is that the manual is only in xino

  33. F***o

    Depending on the surface the "equalization" which adopts. Wood THIN ring a bell nicely the low mediums. In glass are lost the low But enhance the treble. It should keep trying that quality of sound you like more.
    Compact, portable, ideal for office. Tends to chicharrear very loud, But as said above, foremost depends on the surface wherein you place the quality of sound and amplification of the same.
    In carton box or plastic tends to sound more powerful.
    no remarkno remark

  34. E***s

    Very nice product as descrabed i reomend this seller and this product fast shipping and delivery but 2 issues the instructions and the speaker in Chinese and the Lenard is in possible to mount other than that all working great
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  35. E***s

    doesn't transfer the sound well on some surfaces, But overall Very good battery life very loud for the size, and Is THE BEST Portable speaker! (slow shipping tho) very good packing

  36. D***s

    Works better than expected and really quick shipping too, very impressed!

  37. L***k

    no remarkno remark

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